Convert DDMM.SS to Decimal Degrees

Quick tip if you get data coded with your lat long coded in Deg, Min, Sec

Open your table -> Calculate Field -> New Field = Lat
Field Type = Float
Lat = ConvertLat(!START_LAT__DDMM_MM_!)

def ConvertLat(lat):
    d = lat[-7:-5]
    m = lat[-5:-3]
    s = lat[-2:]
    return float(d) + float(m)/60 + (float(s)/(60*60))

Do the same thing for Long, keep in mind you may need to add a “-” to your calculation.

Field Name = Lon
Field Type = Float
Lon = ConvertLat(!START_LON__DDMM_MM_!)

def ConvertLat(lon):
    d = lon[-7:-5]
    m = lon[-5:-3]
    s = lon[-2:]
    return -(float(d) + float(m)/60 + (float(s)/(60*60)))