The Unintended Consequences of Convenience: A Story of Coal Ash in Alabama

Name: The Unintended Consequences of Convenience: A Story About Coal Ash

Client: The Mobile Bay National Estuary Program

Length: 22 Minutes

Year: 2020

More information:

Documentary examining how a coal ash pond to the north of Mobile Bay now poses a risk to the people and ecosystems downstream. The film looks at what led to the proliferation of these types of ponds in sensitive areas, how the Kingston Tennessee coal ash spill led to additional groundwater regulations forcing the closure of these types of ponds, and weighs the benefits and disadvantages of the two imperfect closure options.

Topics: Environment | Industry | Geology | Coal Ash | Power Plants | Animation

Roles: Production Lead | Script Contributor | Animation Supervisor | Conducting and filming interviews | Editing | Drone | Music Sourcing/Composition