Reverse Order Numbering in Microsoft Word

  1. Select Paragraphs
  2. Under insert, click Table, then Convert Text To Table…
  3. Number of Columns: 1
  4. Separate Text at: Paragraph
  5. Click Ok
  6. Right-click on table -> Insert -> Columns to the Left
  7. Shrink column size by dragging middle boundary toward left
  8. With ONLY left column selected, under Home, click Numbering (numbered list)
  9. Copy all numbers
  10. Open new document, and Paste as “Keep Text Only”
  11. Under Home, click Sort (a -z with an arrow)
  12. Sort by: Paragraphs, Descending
  13. Click ok
  14. Copy Text
  15. In original document, with original numbers selected, under Home, click Numbering(number list) to turn off numbering
  16. Ctrl-v or paste your sorted list of numbers.
  17. Format table by right clicking on table edge and selecting Table Properties

Thanks to Susan Harkins from for the Original Post