Monitoring Facebook Reach and Likes through Google Sheets

I live and die by data, and my favorite way to convey data is through Google Sheets. I recently wanted to set up a way to track all outreach efforts by the non-profit I work for. Instead of manually adding facebook insight numbers on every post, I thought there must be a way to automatically pull those reach numbers from Facebook into my spreadsheet.

As I began my research the first several articles were clear product placement articles for Supermetrics. They want to charge you $100 a month to pull the data in for you. That’s quite a steep price for a non-profit, so I continued looking.

Turns out Facebook has a quite extensive API to accomplish this and Ana at MixedAnalytics lays out step by step how to set up an API token that doesn’t expire and some examples of the post data that you can pull using it. Here’s the link to the article which I highly recommend if you, like me, want a direct update to your google sheets data with Facebook analytics.