Downgrade FreetTDS on Mac to Access Sybase Anywhere 10 using Homebrew

There’s a bug in FreeTDS 4.2 that prevents macs from connecting to older Sybase Anywhere databases.

Brew doesn’t naturally have a downgrade version but here’s a way around it

Following the directions here:

  1. edit the ~/.zshrc shell file. (Assuming you’re using zsh as your shell)
  2. add a line


3. Tap the homebrew core (use force because it’s unneeded for most activities)

brew tap homebrew/core -f

4. Edit the FreeTDS script

brew edit freetds

5. replace it all with the 1.3.x version based on the homebrew forumla commit history and github.

6. Save the file

7. install the new script

brew install freetds