Ben Brenner - Marketing, Media, Video, Photography
Ben Brenner

My passion is seeing clients gain market share while lowering their cost per lead through innovative creative and analytical testing of marketing ideas.  I’m looking for opportunities to work in a team environment that is client centered yet willing to use out-of-the-box thinking to help grow businesses.

I have been designing web pages for small businesses and nonprofits since 1999. Throughout the last decade I have been responsible for a variety of marketing campaigns ranging from print to TV.

When I’m not behind a computer creating and editing media, you’ll find me bicycling around town with a Nikon DSLR around my neck looking for great photography opportunities.  I’m a passionate bicycle advocate, and I ride mine as my primary source of transportation.  I also have interests in writing and recording music, spending time outside kayaking and hiking, watching art-house films at an independent cinema, and spending time with friends.